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Welcome! You have reached the website of Senior Operations Executive Arnon Dror.

Arnon Dror is the former VP of Finance of Xerox Technology Business at Xerox. With more than two decades of experience in the fields of Finance, Management, Economics and Leadership, Arnon Dror was a proven hands-on and results-driven international Chief Financial Officer and trusted advisor to senior leadership.

This website contains a mix of business news and sports discussions that Arnon Dror would like to share to his readers. When Arnon is not in the office analyzing and presenting solutions, and recommending strategic decisions to complex problems, he tries to catch the games of his favorite sports teams. He supports the Boston Celtics in the NBA and the New England Patriots in the NFL.

Here’s a brief overview of the different pages in this website:

About Page – Read more about the professional career and achievements of Arnon Dror, including his principal areas of expertise on this page. He is a graduate of The Hebrew University, where he completed his BA in Economics and Business Administration, MA in Micro Economics, and MBA in Finance.

Blog Page – Read topics on business and sports that interest Arnon Dror. As an avid sports fan, Arnon makes it a point to keep up with his favorite sports teams. Find out what he thinks about the Super Bowl and the latest developments in the NBA on this page.

Sports Page – Visit this page to show support for the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots. This page will exclusively contain the latest sports news.

News Page – How do successful Senior Operations Executives like Arnon Dror start their day? Reading the news is an everyday activity that helps Arnon stay at the top of his game. This page will contain the latest business and economics news.

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