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Arnon Dror: AI and the Future of Business


Arnon Dror: Getting Ready for Artificial Intelligence Disruption

Forget about self-driving cars or virtual reality for a minute. While such technologies are certainly exciting and stand a good chance of going mainstream in the next decade, there is a bigger and more exciting technology that has a greater chance of reinventing the world — artificial intelligence. Arnon Dror says there is more to artificial intelligence than the robots depicted in Hollywood movies like Blade Runner or I, Robot, which are more fantasy than reality. This general-purpose technology holds tremendous potential in shaping a new automated world that is run by “intelligent” machines.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

It’s not uncommon to see business executives having a hard time trying to wrap their heads around artificial intelligence, what it is, and how it can build or hurt their business, and Arnon Dror doesn’t blame them. There’s a lot to learn and read up on about it. Arnon Dror says the term artificial intelligence is nothing new; it’s been around for several decades. In fact, Alan Turing invented the term in 1950. It’s only recently that the technology has become sophisticated enough that experts and analysts finally perceive a serious threat in it.

Perhaps the biggest question that concerns both executives and employees is: will the world’s workforce be slashed in half because of artificial intelligence? There’s a case to be made for artificial intelligence replacing low-wage and low-skill work, especially ones in predictable environments, but it’s not all doom and gloom. If anything, the technology will not arrive overnight, and Arnon Dror says businesses and professionals have time to retool themselves and learn new skills that may complement the technology. One example of this is data-related jobs, like data scientists and data engineers. These professionals are tasked to make sense of data to suit whatever purpose, from marketing and sales to product development.

Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

As for how artificial intelligence may impact your business, that all depends on your mindset on whether you will embrace or resist the technology. Arnon Dror cautions business executives from doing the latter. While accepting change is easier said than done, artificial intelligence is not all hype, as it promises to bring a ton of benefits and positive developments.

Aside from labor cost savings, artificial intelligence could very well herald new types of creative work never seen before. Arnon Dror says if you look back on history, you would see the same trends. Machines paved the way for societies to grow from agricultural to industrial, and artificial intelligence may just be the catalyst that will catapult modern society to a futuristic one.

Using the same example of retooling one’s self to be employable in a data-related job, this line of work was practically unheard of a decade ago, yet it’s projected to be one of the highest in demand in the next few years.

Arnon Dror shares there’s a lot businesses can do with artificial intelligence. From autonomous vehicles and virtual agents, to cancer-detecting machines and robots in eCommerce warehouses, the technology has just gotten started. There is still plenty of room left in the industry for collaboration and innovation.