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Arnon Dror Appreciation Post for Tom Brady

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The poster boy of QBs everywhere, Tom Brady, without a doubt, will go down in history as a legend. As an avid Patriots fan, Arnon Dror just can’t imagine the Patriots without their star player. In the recently concluded documentary-series “Tom vs. Time,” fans were given a glimpse of the gruesome thumb injury Brady sustained in the Patriots’ practice game in preparation for the Jaguars-Patriots AFC title game. His injury had to get 12 stitches and in spite of it, he was still able to lead the Patriots to a comeback win over the Jaguars.

GOAT: Tom Brady

Brady is one of only two players in the NFL to win five Super Bowls, the other being Charles Haley. He is the only one to win all five for one team, and has made eight Super Bowl appearances, the record for any player in history. Arnon Dror, like millions of others, believes Brady is the GOAT or the greatest of all time and nothing will change that. As a 4x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL MVP, and 13x Pro Bowl Player, Tom Brady is still playing in his prime despite being 41 years old—a feat which few players can claim, not just in football, but for any sport for that matter.

One of the most common arguments thrown in the debate as to whether Brady is the GOAT is the Patriots’ system. To these fans, a player is only as good as their coach and the Patriots’ arguably has in their employ one of the best coaches in the league. As Arnon Dror explains, these kinds of arguments are meant to discredit the players’ achievements. While credit should certainly be given to the Patriots for building a system that utilizes Brady’s strengths and minimizes his weaknesses, the fact that no other team can replicate this type of machinery speaks volumes of the natural talent and skills of the players. This is why, at least for Arnon Dror, there’s no question that Brady is the GOAT, the main reason why the Patriots’ dynasty played out the way it did.

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What’s Next for Tom Brady?

With each season that passes, it’s inevitable for players and fans alike to think about the players retiring. While it may not always be talked about out in the open, it’s nonetheless there at the back of their minds. Now in his early 40s, Brady can and probably should hang up his jersey, leaving at the highs of his career and relatively healthy. At least this year, fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Brady has committed to play another season for the Patriots. Arnon Dror shares that Brady became the oldest MVP in league history with his performance last year and he expects Brady to step up even more.

For any Patriots fan, that means more championships may be in the offing, as long as Brady is injury-free and the Patriots’ machinery is running strong.

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