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Arnon Dror | Boston Celtics Early Season Review

The Boston Celtics are off to a shaky start this season. While it may be too early to say what the Celtics will look like with the addition of Gordon Hayward in the lineup, the first 20 games are a good time to make needed adjustments. Arnon Dror thinks the biggest problem with the Celtics right now isn’t the performance of one player but the entire team as a whole.

Boston Celtics

With superstar names like Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and now Gordon Hayward in the picture, one would think that the Celtics’ offense will take care of itself. Unfortunately, that remains to be seen. In fact, the opposite seems to be what’s happening. Arnon Dror can’t help but notice the team’s poor ball movement and isolations, which is very unlike the Celtics from the previous season. Whether this is because of early season jitters or it’s a symptom of a deeper problem only time will tell. The finance executive says there are quick points of improvement the team can do however. Image Source: CelticsBlog

For one, the team should have a better feel for attacking the basket or shooting from outside the parameter instead. In the last few games, the Celtics shot too many threes at a lower percentage. In other words, when those threes aren’t going in, it’s usually best not to force it, says Arnon Dror. There’s a certain drama to sinking three point shots, in part because it’s what the current reigning NBA champions the Golden State Warriors are known for, but the Celtics end up becoming too predictable this way. It’s a far cry from what fans are used to.

Next, the Celtics need to be productive with their open shots. For some bizarre reason, they’re still missing them even with wide open looks. Are they nervous or panicking? Arnon Dror says he can only wager a guess but whether the shots go in or not, the least the Celtics can do is to make an effort with their offensive rebounds. That’s still another chance to convert on their possession. So far, the team hasn’t been showing up to grab those offensive rebounds.

Best Effort

The Celtics are one of the best defending teams in the league. With that said, there’s little that needs fixing on that front except for one thing — the Celtics need to be mindful of those corner threes. Their opponents are exploiting that spot, says Arnon Dror. That’s exactly what happened in the last game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Had the Celtics covered those corner threes, perhaps the game could have gone into OT. They need to show their best effort.

Overall, it’s still too early to tell whether Coach Brad Stevens’ new playbook is working. It’s only by the 40th game mark can someone say last season was just a fluke for the Celtics. Stevens is experimenting, with the players taking on new roles. One can only hope that the adjustment period doesn’t take any longer and the Celtics come back in their best fighting form.