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Arnon Dror | Boston Celtics’ Starting Players

Arnon Dror Ranks Celtics Starting Five

It’s going to be an exciting season for Boston Celtics fans. After going through what might possibly be the worst of nightmares, the Celtics are ready to bounce back with prized forward Gordon Hayward and a roster of more experienced rookies. As a long-time Celtics fan, Arnon Dror shares he couldn’t be happier with the team the management has put together. While other teams are scrambling to sign star players who can start, the Celtics have seven or eight players who can make the starting five, easy. That gives Coach Brad Stevens a lot to play with, making for a fun and excitement-filled season.

Starting Five

Leading the pack is Kyrie Irving who had a less than ideal exit at last season’s play-offs due to an injury. Now ready to bring the Celtics to the NBA finals, Irving has successfully integrated himself into the team, becoming the floor general. More than his scoring efficiency and play making ability, he gels the team together with his leadership and selflessness, having let the younger guys in the team play and build up experience. Image Source: TheRinger

One player that surprised everyone is Jaylen Brown, including Arnon Dror. In the 2017-2018 season, he outscored himself several times, making new career highs up until 34 points. This is no small feat as he became the youngest player in franchise history to score more than 30ponts in a playoff game.

A horrific injury is not going to stop Gordon Hayward. Arnon Dror welcomes the news that Hayward is quickly recovering from his leg injury and getting his moves back. While he has yet to put up huge numbers on the board as a Celtics player, there is little doubt that his time off the court has affected his natural talent for the worst.

The Celtics will need Al Horford to remain in the best shape possible to continue their spectacular defending streak. Horford, a five-time NBA All-Star, brings a refreshing calming presence to the team, a stark contrast to his defensive counterpart in the Golden State Warriors, the loud and trash-talking Draymond Green. Arnon Dror says that Horford’s “boring” style of play should not be hated on.

If there’s one team that struck gold in the draft, it would have to be the Celtics with their catch in the form of Jayson Tatum. Only in his rookie year, he’s already shown that he’s got massive potential. Just give it a few more years and with more muscle, Tatum will be unstoppable. The King himself LeBron James thinks Tatum is special.

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Now depending on who you ask, different names pop up on who they think is the Celtics’ 6th man. For Arnon Dror, it’s a toss-up between Aron Baynes, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier. It really depends on who the Celtics are facing. Against the Philadelphia 76ers, for example, Hayward can sit out for Baynes to come in. Also because there’s no saying yet how fully he’s recovered. Against the Warriors, Coach Stevens can throw in a monkey wrench and play Rozier.