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Arnon Dror | Business Talk: Spotify CEO on Setting Priorities

Spotify’s Daniel Ek and the Importance of Knowing Your Priorities by Arnon Dror

Arnon Dror, former VP of Finance and Senior Operations Executive, knows firsthand the importance of setting your priorities straight and keeping your eyes focused as you go through the daily grind. Knowing where your priorities lie is crucial in avoiding the trap of procrastination and keeping the temptations of “enjoyable” distractions at bay. This isn’t to say that you should not strive to create a balance between work and play time, says Arnon Dror; it simply means that you know when works has to take precedence over fun and vice-versa.

Case in point is Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek. Here, Arnon Dror would like to share some key notes that he learned about the CEO from an article published on the CNBC website.

In the interview, Daniel Ek shared that he “doesn’t do social” saying that time spent getting together with friends would be better used on something that he deems is more important at the moment, which, as implied on the article, has something to do with work and business, shares Arnon DrorImage Source: serpremium

He goes on to say that it doesn’t mean his friends aren’t important or that he doesn’t like spending time with them; it just means that he’s focused on something else entirely at the moment. This laser-sharp focus on priorities is what sets successful CEOs, business owners, and other career-driven professionals apart from the rest. This is why they become leaders of the pack, adds Arnon Dror.

Arnon further shares that Daniel Ek, according to the article, creates goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and these serve as a reminder to keep his eyes on his priorities.

Taking the cue from Ek, Arnon shares that we should all take the time to make a list of what it is we want accomplish for the day, week, and month. Soon enough, we will have become master manipulators of our schedules and priorities.

Other successful business owners and CEOs like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have the same eagle-sharp focus on priorities. Arnon shares one incident about Elon Musk. Apparently, Musk spent nights at the factory, never bothering to go home to shower and change, when they were behind schedule on the production of the Model 3s.

Bill Gates for his part, would “eat through a meeting, never stopping for lunch” as recalled by Microsoft’s Mark Penn, the company’s former chief strategy officer.

Arnon Dror however, reminds readers to take the time to care for their personal needs as well, the most important of which is social connection. It’s also important to include friends and family in your list of priorities because they help keep you grounded, they make you happier and more alive. And best of all, you give them and yourself the opportunity to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Relationships and social connections also keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, shares Arnon.

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