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Arnon Dror | Celtics Playing Selfish, or Redeem Themselves?

It would be an understatement to say that the Celtics have been doing poorly in their recent games. For Arnon Dror, the drop of the Green to 5th rank does not actually tell if they are not willing to play as a team. Is it possible that players have been sloppy with their individual performances, or is it more likely just not working together to make it happen? Image Source: Bleacher Report

In any team, in any sport, whether it is basketball, football, or quidditch, a little rain must fall. The Boston Celtics wouldn’t be the first good team to lose a little steam towards the end of the season. Arnon Dror sees the recent defeat of the Celtics in their campaign as something that also happens to any team in NBA.

According to game critics, the Celtics seemed to lack a bit of their usual energy in their last few games. Fans perceived the recent games of the Celtics as lame, especially their loss to Toronto Raptors when the game started out so promising, but the Green couldn’t hold up its composure towards the end of the first half.

In the first quarter of the game, the Celtics were playing well when they took the lead just before bowing down to the Raptors in the next 36 minutes of play.

After 5 minutes of playing time without a single basket, the Raptors took their chance and extended their lead in an 18-0 run. They were dug deep into the hole came the second half of the game. The Raptors grabbed this chance and took the offense easily.

There was a glimmer of hope for a comeback in the second half when the Celtics eked out a 7-2 run in their favor, but they weren’t able to capitalize on that momentum. The Raptors went on to win in their home court, 118 to 95.

Lone All-Star Kyrie Irving couldn’t say much when asked about what happened that day. Instead of offering a solution, he kept mum on the issue and shrugging off the responsibility to the coaching staff. In fact, Arnon Dror says, that night had Irving’s one of the worst games in a Celtics jersey. Even shooting point guard Marcus Smart was disconcerted with his team’s inadequacy in their defense against the Raptors.

What they need right now, according to Smart’s comments, is real teamwork. If they don’t start winning more games soon, a 23-point defeat like this is bound to take a toll on the team’s confidence according to Arnon Dror.

Fortunately, they’ve done just that by besting the Washington Wizards by a large margin in the following came. By doing so, they ended what could have been considered the longest losing streak in the league.

At the moment, the Celtics need to play at par while the Raptors are anticipating another duel and while their last win over the Wizards proved to be a silver lining. The Boston Celtics are still Arnon Dror top bet to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals.