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Arnon Dror | Gordon Hayward Updates Fans on Ankle Injury

Arnon Dror: Gordon Hayward Injury Update

Will the Celtics see Gordon Hayward return for the Finals? Fans shouldn’t hold their breath just yet, says Arnon Dror. The seasoned executive explains that Boston could make a business decision in letting Hayward play next season instead. This way any doubts about the superstar’s health can be put to rest.

Let’s hear it from Hayward himself who wrote on The Player’s Tribune:

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“I know everybody is curious about where things stand with my rehab,” Hayward starts. “It’s all been going really well. I’m happy to report I’m feeling like an athlete again. I’ve been in Indianapolis for the last couple weeks making some good progress. I leave the hotel every morning at about 9:30 am and don’t get back til about 6 pm. We do a lot of running mechanics, physical therapy, a lift of some sort, and then court work for another few hours. It’s a full day, every day. I’m definitely moving along as planned, and progressing really well.”

By the looks of it, Hayward is recovering slowly but surely. However, Arnon Dror warns fans from reading too much into it and getting too excited. Setting realistic expectations is important. While Hayward can recover 100% from the horrific accident that broke his leg, it remains to be seen if he can recover his athleticism from before. Some fans claim that broken ankles, or any broken bone for that matter, shouldn’t impact a player’s athleticism. This is because major ligament damage is usually what slows a player down. Just look at Paul George. Nonetheless, take this medical opinion with a grain of salt.

All that said, it would not surprise Arnon Dror if it takes Hayward some time to pick up where he left off. On the flip side, Hayward has had the whole year to practice his shooting, so this should provide the Celtics a bit of an offensive boost. Again, Hayward won’t be an All-Star overnight, but it’s reasonable to expect the Celtics to ease him into their lineup at some point. With the Celtics surprisingly and satisfyingly overcoming the odds this season powered by a young and hungry lineup, indeed there are so many things a Celtics fan should be proud of. Gordon Hayward’s return would merely be the icing on the cake.

Speaking of Gordon Hayward, his last blog update—where he talked briefly about his progress in rehab—also gives fans an inside look into the culture of the Celtics. Arnon Dror notes the special words Hayward has had to say about Coach Brad Stevens. He writes:

“He allows guys to play loose and play free. Not to the point where they’re just out there freestyling and playing crazy. But with the confidence to just go out there and hoop. He puts guys in positions to be successful. He doesn’t ask too much of anyone. He knows what each of his players does well, and utilizes each guy’s strengths. That’s what he’s really good at.”

While the possibility of the Celtics losing to the Cavaliers is always on the table, this season’s run has nevertheless set the tone for the Celtics’ bright future moving forward.

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