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Arnon Dror | Next Moves for The Pats Without Tom Brady

Nothing has happened yet, but there’s no delaying the inevitable. With the Patriots’ bye week coming up, now is a good time as any to start thinking about the future of the Patriots without its star quarterback Tom Brady. Arnon Dror says that with the craziness of football, it wouldn’t be farfetched to consider this season as Brady’s last. Image Source:

Patriots Post-Brady

Arnon Dror says he is assured that management knows this more than anyone. He adds that he would even go so far as to say that the Patriots have started to prepare for this already years back, while Brady was still in his prime. It’s not that the Patriots don’t believe in their superstar, the finance executive explains, but major changes in the offensive line can’t be made overnight. With Brady showing signs of decline, it truly is inevitable to start rebuilding.

So where does this leave the Patriots, or where should they start? Arnon Dror looks to management first. It’s well-established in the league that the Patriots are ridiculously good at developing talent and giving excellent coaching to their players. On that note, fans can rest easy that Bill Belichick isn’t going anywhere. The same can be said for Robert Kraft. In a league that can create cult-like followings for its star players, coaching legends like Belichick and Kraft could use more credit.

Trades or Draft Picks

In terms of talent, it’s hard to predict what the Patriots might do next, admits Arnon Dror, citing the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo as the best example. Jimmy G was Brady’s heir-apparent yet he was given away to San Francisco for a second-round pick. Was it worth the gamble? Only if the Patriots manage to sign Teddy Bridgewater, says Arnon Dror. However, this would mean that the right pieces should fall into place at the right time and under the right salary conditions. Between Brian Hoyer, Bridgewater is without a doubt a stronger candidate to follow in the footsteps of Brady. He’s young, talented, and isn’t too expensive. Until then, the Patriots should do everything they can to keep Brady healthy.

Should Bridgewater opt to suit up for another team, the Patriots will have to hope they find another worthy candidate in the draft. Unfortunately, the list of candidates is coming up short. But this is where the beauty of the Patriots’ system with Brady and Belichick in charge speaks for itself, says Arnon Dror. The Patriots were never one to force things or force players into roles they couldn’t handle. In other words, they always adapted to the cards they were dealt with.

This brings to mind Super Bowl XXXVI or the 2001 season when Brady had to step up and lead Troy Brown and David Patten as his receivers and Antowain Smith as his running back. Fans didn’t know yet at the time but they just witnessed the birth of the GOAT or the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady and the Pats went on to win that historic game against the Rams 20-17.