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Arnon Dror On Gordon Hayward’s Possible Return

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There’s news going around that Gordon Hayward could be back in his Celtics uniform well before the playoffs are over. Arnon Dror welcomes the news but wouldn’t hold his breath until it happens. The news came from Celtics play-by-play commentator Mike Gorman who stated in a tweet, “Everybody tells me [Gordon Hayward] is working out 8-9 hours a day, just religiously working out doing everything they ask of him and more. I truly believe before the playoffs are over we’ll see him in a #Celtics uniform. I just believe it.”

Many fans would like to believe it but Arnon Dror is on the camp that it’s suiting up for the season is a stretch. Injuries like his shouldn’t be rushed to heal, otherwise it leaves the player vulnerable for more injuries down the road.

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Gordon Hayward and Other Major Injuries

Gordon Hayward fractured his left ankle only five minutes into the Celtics’ season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In hindsight, Arnon Dror shares the injury now seems like a blessing, as the Celtics were forced to rely on their rookie and second-year player, gelled by a player out for redemption. With or without Gordon Hayward, the Celtics have a fair chance to be champions this year. With Hayward in the picture, Arnon Dror thinks those chances increase exponentially but as he earlier pointed out, he’s taking the news of the return with a grain of salt. Celtics coach Cedric Maxwell himself said on a podcast that he hasn’t seen Hayward run. When you’re up against a team like the Warriors and the Cavaliers, Arnon Dror believes it isn’t enough for a player to have recovered. They must be ridiculously back in shape, as if nothing happened, to deliver a championship performance.

At this point in the team’s franchise history, the Celtics are no longer strangers to devising a plan around their major players’ injuries. Last 2008, Paul Pierce had his own injury scare in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics emerged victorious. The following year, another prized player, Kevin Garnett suffered an injury that took him out for the rest of the season. The Celtics had to rely on Ray Allen who was effective against the Bulls, but the Celtics eventually came up short against Magic. The next scare came in 2013, when Rajon Rondo had a season-ending injury on his knee. Arnon Dror remembers that year very well. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett just couldn’t carry the Celtics on their backs and they were booted out in the first round of the playoffs. The Knicks had the satisfaction of ending the Pierce and Garnett era with that game.

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Moving Forward with the Celtics

Arnon Dror considers Celtics fans like him lucky that they didn’t have to wait long for another era to emerge. The trio of Hayward, Kyrie Irving, and Al Horford are shaping up to be the next big thing for the Celtics in the next five years. That said, fans should find it in themselves to be a little more patient, especially with Gordon Hayward.

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