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Arnon Dror: The Celtics in Six

Arnon Dror: Taking Down Cleveland the Celtics Way

It’s now 2-2 back to Boston. The Cavaliers managed to eke out a win, 111-102 over the Celtics last night, even though they only outscored the Celtics in the first quarter. Arnon Dror says the Celtics had a great effort in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter, but it unfortunately wasn’t enough to offset LeBron’s dominance. So, what would it take to eliminate the Cavaliers? Arnon Dror shares his thoughts below:

Image Source: Boston Bench Mob

1. Coach Brad Stevens may want to put Marcus Smart in the starting lineup – Smart has been effective at pressuring LeBron. The only downside to starting Smart is that he can foul out in the first half of the game. Obviously, this is the last thing fans want to happen, but there’s no need to worry. Arnon Dror sees Coach Steven keeping the same lineup and starting Smart in Game 6, and Game 7, if it ever reaches that. A fan can hope!

2. Coach Stevens should know by now to keep the game close – Arnon Dror points out that the Celtics’ slow offensive start is what cost them at least two games. If Coach Brad Stevens wants to keep the game close, he will need Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Terry Rozier to be nothing but less than perfect. Rozier may be criticized for his inconsistency (he only does extremely well at home), but give him enough time to blossom. Give or take two years. He, along with Tatum and Brown, hasn’t been playing long enough in the league after all.

3. The Celtics need to keep their opponents guessing – While the Celtics are slow to start on the offense, they nonetheless have a secret weapon in their versatility. Arnon Dror explains that the Celtics are in a unique position because their positional versatility can keep their opponents on their toes. Take Brown, for instance, who is explosive when driving to the rim, yet is just as effective when he is shooting those threes consistently.

4. It’s the team effort that will take down Cleveland – The Celtics get perfect As for their teamwork thus far. When Kyrie Irving went down, Rozier shocked everyone in a good way by stepping up and playing with confidence and maturity. Arnon Dror says this is exactly the kind of team effort that will carry the Celtics to the Championships. There’s Al Horford, the veteran who has provided exactly what the team needed time and time again. When the Celtics needed to score, Horford scored. When the Celtics needed to make a play, Horford made it happen. One can only hope that when the Celtics need him to stay healthy, Horford can keep himself healthy.

In the end, Arnon Dror believes the Celtics need no reminders of how close they are to the top. If anything, they’ve played remarkably well despite all the pressure and setbacks. This is a team that had an ugly start, with injuries plaguing one player after another, yet here they all are.

It’s the Celtics in six.