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Arnon Dror: Why Kyrie Irving Is the Best Point Guard in Franchise History

Arnon Dror believes he isn’t getting ahead of himself when he says Kyrie Irving is the greatest point guard to suit up for the Celtics. At least if he were to find allies in his grand prediction, he’d find good company in Celtics coach Cedric Maxwell.

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Kyrie Irving, A Name to Watch

While it hasn’t been a whole year yet for Irving with the Celtics, his explosive performance both as a point guard and part of the team deserves applause. His clutch shots alone are fun to watch and he’s been making them well before he signed up with the Celtics. For Arnon Dror, without a doubt, Irving has a talent worth developing a championship team around, and paying for with a long-term contract.                                        Image Source: SLAM Magazine

Ultimately, he’s excited to see where he can take the Celtics.

There are a lot of names thrown in the debate of greatest Celtics point guard of all time. But for Arnon Dror, those that should only be included are Bob Cousy, Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Jo Jo White, and Dennis Johnson. Cousy is credited to have popularized modern guard play, being the first great point guard of the NBA, while Tiny is the first and only player to lead the league in both points and assists. On the other hand, Jo Jo led the Celtics to two NBA championships and set a franchise record of 488 consecutive games played, and Dennis Johnson himself has two NBA championships under his belt. Needless to say, Irving is surrounded by some of the greatest and if he can keep up with his showing thus far, he’s a strong contender for the title.

Celtics Injury Scares

This week, it seems that the Celtics are getting an unusual number of injury scares. Arnon Dror supposes that one would think the Celtics have run out of bad luck with Gordon Hayward’s gruesome ankle injury last October, but Boston finds itself more banged up than ever. Irving has a sore knee that’s been pestering him since last week and has kept him out of the second half in the game against the Pacers (just to be on the safe side). Marcus Smart reportedly has a torn thumb tendon and Daniel Theis has a torn meniscus. Among the three, Theis’ injury is the only conclusive one, but this likely will not stop some fans from putting their tin foil hats on and preparing for the worst.

At the very least, the Celtics’ young players are still relatively healthy. Jaylen Brown seems to have recovered from his concussion in their game against the Timberwolves and Jayson Tatum has recovered from his dislocated pinky finger. Irving is taking an extended rest for his sore knee. For Arnon Dror, the rest is well-deserved, especially since the game is only going to get more rough and intense as the playoffs draw near. A championship this early will also tilt the debate of greatest point guard of all time in his favor.

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