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Welcome to the sports page! Arnon Dror is an avid fan of the Boston Celtics in the NBA and the New England Patriots in the NFL. This page will contain the latest news about these two sports teams.

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Boston Celtics Player Injuries Update

When it was reported that Gordon Hayward fractured his ankle last October in the game against the Cavaliers, NBA fans from all over, not just in Boston, were shocked. Arnon Dror remembers the injury happening only five minutes into the season. As soon as Hayward went down, the high hopes Celtics fans had for the season went down with him. Few could have predicted that the Celtics would later have one of their best performing seasons in franchise history but the fears over players sustaining major injuries have not been lost.

Joining Hayward just last week is Daniel Theis with a torn meniscus on his left knee. It’s a season-ending injury for the Celtics’ Power Forward/Center that naturally upset fans like Arnon Dror. Theis is a 3x German League Champion, 4x German League All-Star, and German League Best Defender in 2017. He made his NBA debut with the Celtics last October.

New England Patriots Free Agency Update

Aside from the games, there’s a whole new category of fans who are very dedicated to the developments during free agency season. As a senior operations executive with a strong background in finance, Arnon Dror is interested in the contract negotiations and big paydays for the players.

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Here’s the latest recap of the New England Patriots free agency moves:

1. Browns’ Danny Shelton is coming to the Patriots. Shelton is being traded for a third-round pick in 2019

2. The Patriots have released tight end Martellus Bennett to free up to $6 million in salary cap space

3. Marquis Flowers has expressed interest to return to the Patriots. Multiple teams are reportedly interested in recruiting the linebacker

Check back soon for more updates.